In 2013 Sam Bev and I went to InstInt together and decided it was time for us to try out a project with something physical. Almost one year later we debuted our first LED sign at Velour Live Music Gallery in Provo, UT for the band The Moth & The Flame.

For this initial show and for some one-off shows we planned and triggered the show ourselves, but we wanted to be able to send these out with the bands on the road so we automated it. Soon after sending the Moth & The flame out with their ampersand we started getting requests from more bands.

Currently The Brocks and Sego are touring with LED light shows that we built for them. Sego has an additional piece of hardware since they don’t have MIDI tracks to sync the lights to their set. We built for them a custom foot pedal to trigger effects and select effect banks.

New LED sign for @segomusic tonight at @velourlive made by @sambevv and me. Worked great. Show was amazing

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We built the signs with WS2811 LEDs, Fadecandy, and Processing. Also a special thanks to Beeple for his free VJ loops which used for some of our effects.